Sherbit visualizes the data from your apps and devices so you can better understand them


One of my projects was to redesign the create screen, where users select data points to create a visualization.

v1 Create Screen

User Feedback

  • Moving buttons make it hard to click
  • Too many drill-downs, get lost
  • Users don't know each service's metrics before diving in
  • Having to clear all metrics if you just want to remove one = frustrating



Make it easier to create visualizations. Could be measured by the number of visualizations created.

Idea Workshops

We hold working sessions where we share ideas, knowledge, and perspectives as a team in order to capture many ideas early on. 

After synthesizing, we then build prototypes and head to local cafes and ask people to play around with them. 

When a user selects a data point, it gets added to the bottom queue. If 3 is added, the view maximizes, notifying the user no more metrics can be added. 


Users can easily add/remove metrics using a simple toggle. The add/remove functionality was more intuitive and users no longer had to restart the process if they messed up.