Shotmeet is an online platform to list and book photoshoots with talented photographers





Our initial listing was designed to standardize photoshoots for clients. However, feedback from photographers was that the platform should offer photographers higher customization and flexibility in charging. (travel, type of event, etc)

This contradicted with the needs and wants of bookers, who wanted things to be standardized for easy comparison. 

How can we standardize photo shoot packages so bookers can better compare but also allow photographers to customize packages?


We explored different ideas in creating a listing layout that accommodated different photoshoot types. We learned from interviewing photographers that shoots can generally fall under three categories: individual, group, and events.

We explored listing designs that can present different packages based on inputs from bookers. 

The newly designed listing incorporates three different categories that a client can choose from. Bookers can select the photoshoot type by toggling the tab selector. A user can book an individual package right away with a pre-determined price, but must request a quote for bigger groups or events. Below the listing are the available amenities that the photographer offers, like props or transportation. 


  • Providing the flexibility of pricing for photographers, while also providing a simple, standardized pricing model for bookers



  • Provide clarification on the differences between the types of photoshoot (Is a group graduation shoot under Group or Event)
  • Provide a button to contact the photographer before booking for any needed clarifications